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In our Bargain Corner you will find interesting offers!

You are welcome to visit us to see and try the machines. Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment or a nonbinding offer.



Cutting machine type WSQ with unwind station type 363

  • Crush cut cutting machine type WSQCutting length up to 1850 mm.
    by crush cut system.
    for straight cut and wave cut.
  • Cutting pressure pneumatically adjustable.
  • Pneumatic clamp to hold the material during
  • Material is passing through with grain side up.
  • Including unwind station type 363-1650.
  • Maximum roll width up to 1650 mm.
  • Maximum roll diameter 750 mm.
  • Unwinding type KB
    with flap bearings for pneumatically expandable
    unwind shafts or square shaft with cones and
    manually adjustable mechanical brake.
  • Type TV: automatic partial feeding of the material through the cutting machine.
  • Including square shaft 40/40 mm with two expanders for sleeves.
  • Machine color green RAL 6011.
  • Standard electric supply 400 V – 3 ph – 50 Hz.
    (other on request)

CHF 35’000.- instead of CHF 50’097.-


Belt slitter typ BTB-262

  • Belt slitting machine type BTBFor belts up to 460 mm width.
  • Up to approx. 9 cuts (depending on the material) over the full width or up to approx. 12 cuts within 300 mm from the chassis.
  • Cutting cylinder is axially movable.
  • Knife system KK for knife holder type
    KK-25-F / KK-15-F as well as for fixed knife sets.
  • Two speed drive
    (approx. 0.6 m/sec and 1.2 m/sec)
    with frequent converter.
  • Horizontal belt stretcher.
    With automatic belt guiding system for long belts.
    Including stretcher for belts up to 6 m.
    Minimum belt length 1200 mm.
  • Short belt stretcher (ø45 mm) with hand-operated belt guiding.
    For belts of 480 … ≈ 1800 mm.
    Including hand wheel for precise adjustment of belt position.
  • Cut end automatic type SEA
    Time-controlled cut end automatic to stop the cutting process when working with several identical belts. Especially suitable for high quantities.
  • 5 mechanical knife holder KK-25-F
  • Machine color green RAL 6011.
  • Standard electric supply 400 V – 3 ph – 50 Hz.
    (other on request)

CHF 32’500.- instead of CHF 46’324.-

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