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Cutting machine type WSQ

  • Cutting length up to 1850 mm.
  • Crush cut system for straight cut and wave cut (wave form type 20800).
  • Foot operated cutting (knife is moved by an electric motor).
  • Cutting angle adjustable between 90° and 45°.
  • Cutting pressure pneumatically adjustable.
  • Crush cut against replaceable steel strip.
  • Pneumatic clamp to hold the material during cutting.
  • Material is passing through with grain side up.
  • Machine can be turned on its pedestal.

Unwind station type 363

  • Maximum roll width up to 1650 mm.
  • Maximum roll diameter 750 mm.
  • Unwinding type KB
    with flap bearings for pneumatically expandable unwind shafts or square shaft with cones and manually adjustable mechanical brake.
  • Belt support with a hardened, fixed steel shaft type F.
  • Type TV: automatic partial feeding of the material through the cutting machine.
  • Maximum working width up to 360 mm.
  • Mechanical knife system type KK or fixed knife sets.
  • Short belt stretcher (ø45 mm)
  • Cut end automatic type SEA
    Time-controlled cut end automatic to stop the cutting process when working with several identical belts. Especially suitable for high quantities of small/short belts.
  • Automatic knife guiding system based on belt edge detection.
  • Wave cut function.

Cut-to-length machine type HTBP

  • Maximum cutting length 500 mm.
  • Pneumatic cutting.
  • Shear cut system for straight cuts (no wave cuts possible).
  • Cut with dished knife against „throw-away“ blade.
  • Cutting angle adjustable between 90° and 45°.
  • Machine can be turned on its pedestal.
  • Working height 910 mm.

Unwind station type TVK

  • Automatic partial feeding type TV through the cutting machine.
  • Unwinding with pneumatically expandable unwind shaft as well as mechanical brake.
  • Rollenbreite bis 620 mm.
  • Scherschnittsystem mit Obermesser und Untermesser.
  • Regelbare Geschwindigkeit bis ca. 100 m/min.
  • Abrollstation für Rollendurchmesser bis 750 mm.
  • Pneumatisch expandierbare Abrollwelle.
  • Regelbarer Wickelzug.
  • Zwei pneumatisch expandierbare Aufwickelwellen.
  • Hebezug um Rolle einfacher zu laden.
  • Ohne automatische Kantensteuerung.

Punching machine type SSZ

  • For rolls up to ø600 mm.
  • Discs of ø90 … 300 mm.
  • Shear cut punching tools.
  • Punching tools are exchangeable.
  • Discs/sheets with or without center hole as well as with or without suction holes.
  • Foot operated punching.
  • No electric power needed.
  • Pneumatic pulling device type V,
    with adjustable range of 80 … 310 mm (for scrap web).
  • Pneumatic preselecting counter type PZ,
    to stop the machine after the pre-selected number of cuts is reached.
  • Machine color green RAL 6011.
  • Compressed air of 6 bar.
  • Press force adjustable up to 18 tons.
  • Maximum press length 500 mm.
  • Press bar width 20 mm, 30 mm or 40 mm.
  • Press time adjustable up to 60 seconds.
  • Built-in heating up to 80 °C (upper and lower press bar).
  • Mechanical clamping device for maximum joint length of 500 mm.
  • No compressed air needed for the operation with the mechanical clamping device.
  • Table is moved by hand from right to left.
  • Equipped with one aggregate:
    – Empty space that can be equipped with a diamond aggregate working from the top (on request).
    – Aggregate type C: working from the top against a hard metal plate, with an abrasive belt on a parallel basis.
  • The aggregates can be easily delivered in the working process.
  • Built-in connection pipes for aspiration.
  • Table model without pedestal (pedestal available on request).

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